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The Local Coffee Scene: Tradewind Espresso

In this series of blog posts we’ll be shining a spotlight on some of our favourite local coffee shops. Up today is a cafe perched near the top of Whiteladies Road: Tradewind Espresso.

After beginning a crisp November morning with a run around The Downs, it was time to undo our hard work with a treat. So, dodging various e-scooters, we started making our way down Whiteladies Road towards Tradewind Espresso. Using fresh beans from Roasted Rituals, this local gem offers friendly service, delicious coffee and a cosy atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor seating. Check out the courtyard at the back if you’re visiting on a nice day. We opted for a latte and a raspberry brownie (see below – brownie eaten too quickly to photo).

Bristol being Bristol, the heavens opened while we were sat outside so we moved indoors, found a nice seat, ordered another coffee and watched the world go by. There's something quite relaxing about Tradewind. It feels like a bit of an oasis - particularly in the courtyard - and would probably be a good place to recuperate after your Christmas shopping!

Sadly, it didn't rain long enough to justify staying EVEN longer (lunch, anyone?), but we did get a chance to take a good look at the food on offer. Coffee and sweet treats aside, Tradewind offer a seasonal menu of modern cafe classics (think sourdough, poached eggs, halloumi and vibrant salads). Well worth a visit next time you're in the area.


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