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New Bristol and Bath Coffee Roasters!

We're delighted to announce the addition of two new coffee roasters to our Bristol and Bath subscription: Extract Coffee and Loud Mouth Coffee!

Bristol coffee roaster logos Extract Coffee and Loud Mouth Coffee

We're massively excited to work with these fantastic local coffee roasters - here's some more info about them:

Extract Coffee Roasters started life in a chicken shed way back in 2007. They’ve come a long way since! They’re now one of the most well renowned roasters in the UK and have won numerous accolades including Best All-Round Speciality Roaster at the UK Coffee Awards 2022. Operating out of St. Werburgh’s, Extract’s mission is simple: to make coffee better. Better for customers, better for communities, better for coffee growers and better for the environment. We can't wait for you to try it!

UK coffee award winner certificate for Extract Coffee Roasters

Loud Mouth Coffee came to fruition in 2018 after founder Ellen, who also started Frome’s River House cafe, realised many coffee lovers were after a more straightforward shopping and drinking experience. Instead of confusing customers with pretentious gibberish and complex technical jargon, they prefer to focus on taste (proper gobby coffee without the nobby nonsense!) Working from their roastery in Frome, Loud Mouth offer a range of delicious coffees and supply shops, cafes and companies across the South West. They also aim to use their platform to make a positive impact on society (e.g. by donating proceeds to counselling and talking charities). All round good eggs!

Loud Mouth Coffee Roaster logo

How does the subscription work? Each month, we send subscribers a different bag of coffee beans (250g/1kg) roasted by a fantastic local outfit such as Extract Coffee or Loud Mouth Coffee (see the full Bristol and Bath lineup below!)

Why did we start it? We wanted to create a platform that coffee drinkers could use to discover a variety of delicious, locally roasted beans while helping to support smaller, independent businesses. Find out more here.

Bristol and Bath coffee roasters part of The Local Coffee Club subscription


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