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New Bath Coffee Roaster!

We’ve added another Bath coffee roaster to our Bristol and Bath coffee subscription: Girls Who Grind Coffee! As we’re going to be sending their coffee out one month in the not too distant future, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce them and tell you a bit about why we wanted to supply their locally roasted coffee beans.

Bath coffee roaster Girls Who Grind Coffee logo

Did you know that at least 70% of the work that goes into producing coffee is carried out by women? We didn’t. In a male-dominated coffee supply chain, the role of women is often overlooked and undervalued. Fi O’Brien and Casey LaLonde became frustrated by this, leading them to set up their all-female speciality coffee roastery: Girls Who Grind Coffee.

Based in the countryside on the outskirts of Bath, Girls Who Grind Coffee aim to celebrate and empower women in the coffee industry. They source all of their beans from change making female producers and strive to share their stories (e.g. with their packaging: each bag of coffee lists the producer’s name and tells their story - inspiring stuff!) In their own words: “We are two things. Pro-coffee and anti-patriarchy. And Awesome. That’s three things. Deal with it.”

Female coffee picker

Having developed a wealth of experience in the coffee industry by working in various cafes and roasteries, Fi and Casey know what they’re doing. Coffee is roasted in small batches on a Giesen W6 (‘Aunt Edie’) and is tracked to ensure quality and consistency.

We love the way Girls Who Grind Coffee highlight (and battle against!) inequality in the coffee industry and we’re delighted to add them to our Bristol and Bath coffee subscription. We can’t wait for you to try their delicious locally roasted coffee beans!

Bristol and Bath coffee roaster logos comprising Local Coffee Club subscription

That takes us up to twelve Bristol and Bath coffee roasters! We’ve got a few more in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled for future blog posts :D


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