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The Local Coffee Scene: Full Court Press

In this series of blog posts we discuss some of our favourite local cafes. Up today is the brilliant Full Court Press on Broad Street, Bristol.

Full Court Press coffee shop in Bristol. Interior of shop features plants, a stained glass window and coffee beans roasted in Bristol

Full Court Press has built up a reputation as one of the best coffee shops in Bristol. The slightly abstract name refers to a basketball tactic: an uncompromising, all out approach that reflects their commitment to the quality of their coffee and customer service. Located in Broad Street in the city centre, it’s a popular coffee spot that caters for local workers, shoppers and tourists alike. Thankfully, they have an incredibly skilled, knowledgeable and efficient team of baristas who make it look easy!

Exterior of Full Court Press coffee shop in Bristol alongside artwork of exterior

We turned up on a cold winter morning, made our way to the counter and noticed the drinks menu on the wall to the left. We studied it closely and the polite barista asked if she could help at all. She explained that the menu changed regularly, as Full Court Press roasted their own coffee beans and also worked with other Bristol coffee roasters. On offer today were espresso options from Ecuador and Rwanda, and filter coffee from Rwanda and Colombia. We opted for the Rwandan espresso with milk and asked for a latte.

Interior of Full Court Press coffee shop including coffee beans roasted by Bristol coffee roasters, artwork displaying different coffee bean packaging and a selection of pastries and desserts

In order to follow the rules (Boris – hope you’re reading this…) and maximise Covid safety, most of the seating within Full Court Press has temporarily been removed, so we made our way to a small bench near one of the front windows to wait for our drink. We took in our surroundings: a nice display of brewing equipment, bags of coffee beans (including options from some of our favourite Bristol coffee roasters), and plants. The bar was also overlooked by an eye-catching stained-glass window. Soon enough, our coffee was ready and we made our way to the outdoor seating area.

Latte from Full Court Press coffee shop in Bristol, made using coffee beans from Bristol coffee roasters

It was great! Hot and rich enough that you could really taste the flavours. You will be able to buy a cheaper coffee in Bristol but in our opinion a cup from Full Court Press is worth paying that bit extra. They roast their own beans and work with other Bristol coffee roasters, helping contribute to the local economy and the diversity that’s so important in our city. Full Court Press also offer a selection of pastries and cakes that we’ll try on our next visit!


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