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New Bristol Coffee Roasters!

We've signed up two new roasters to our Bristol coffee subscription: Radical Roasters Coffee and Unica Coffee! Each roaster will occupy one of our subscription 'slots' over the coming months, so we thought it would be a good idea to let you know who they are and why we want to supply their coffee beans.

Radical Roasters are fairly new to the coffee scene in Bristol… but they pack a punch! Having previously dedicated herself to helping others with their coffee ventures, founder Cat decided 2021 was the year to take a leap of faith and go it alone (what a year to do it!) She has an excellent grounding in the industry, with 10+ years of experience and 2x UK Barista Championship semi-final finishes under her belt. Operating out of a new premises in Easton, Bristol, Radical Roasters make cracking coffee while also striving to give back to the local community. They offer free coffee workshops to marginalised folk and encourage anyone interested in learning more to get in touch. We're massively excited for you to try these delicious Bristol coffee beans!

Unica are one of the new generation of Bristol coffee roasters. Having developed their love and understanding of coffee over the past decade, 2021 was the year they finally took the plunge and started their roasting journey (what is it with the year 2021 and starting a new Bristol coffee roasting venture?!) Unica’s goal is to provide unique speciality coffee without taking themselves too seriously. Roasting out of their base in Zero Green, Southville, they’re committed to making great coffee without compromising on sustainability. We recently tried some of their beans and were seriously impressed. We can't wait to send them out to you!

So there you have it: two new roasters, a new wallpaper for our home screen and more excellent Bristol coffee beans for us to send your way!

We just wanted to end this blog post by saying thank you. We're mega grateful for your support, particularly in difficult times like these, and we know the local businesses above are too.


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