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Why we made The Local Coffee Club

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

The Local Coffee Club was born out of frustration (I know what you’re thinking: “what a cheerful way to start our first blog post!”) It actually gets worse before it gets better but please bear with us!

During a grey day in lockdown 2020, a morning walk along Gloucester Road - a street in Bristol with one of the highest proportions of independent retailers in the UK - revealed a plethora of weary-looking shops, struggling against high business rates and the dominance of supermarkets and other online retailers. We spoke to a shop owner we knew (over the phone!) and asked how her business had been affected. “It’s been catastrophic, really. We’re way down on what we were making a few years ago. Everyone seems to buy everything from f****** ****** these days.” We’ll leave the expletive and exact website to your imagination, but you get the problem.

Later that day, dressed from head to toe in comfies, six episodes of Tiger King down and on the verge of a mental breakdown, we sought out the answer in the most mid-pandemic way imaginable… “Hey Google...” The solution, it turns out, was to support a variety of little-known initiatives aiming to encourage us to give more consideration to our shopping habits. Basically: shop local! No sh*t Sherlock, right? The thing is, it’s one thing to say you’ll support local business and another to actually make the effort and do it.

The Local Coffee Club has been designed to help with this. Our aim is to give you a convenient platform to buy a variety of locally roasted coffee, wherever you’re based in the UK. By doing this, you’ll be helping smaller businesses, supporting local jobs and adding to the variety and culture that make our communities great. What’s more, you’ll be getting a better product. Locally roasted coffee is fresher than the stuff you buy in supermarkets and, in our opinion, much nicer! So, what are you waiting for? Make a change, stop drinking stale supermarket coffee and come and join us!


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