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The Best Coffee Roasters London

Updated: Feb 20

The cat is well and truly out of the bag... we're bringing our local coffee subscription to the capital! We've teamed up with seventeen fantastic London coffee roasters to give Londoners (or curious others!) the opportunity to discover delicious coffee beans roasted in The Big Smoke. Each month will feature a different local roaster, so here's a bit more about them!

Coffee Roasters London

Coffee Roaster London

Monmouth Coffee are one of the OG London roasters (they’ve been in the business since 1978!) They began their coffee roasting journey in the basement of their shop in Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, but have since moved on to bigger and better things and now operate out of a series of converted railway arches in Bermondsey. Monmouth have been around for a while for a reason: they’re at the top of their game. They put a huge amount of effort into sourcing their coffee beans and travel far and wide to establish relationships with the farms, estates and cooperatives they want to work with. We can’t wait for you to try their delicious locally roasted coffee!


Coffee Roaster London

Redemption Roasters are the UK’s first prison-based coffee roastery. They aim to provide prison residents with professional coffee industry training in order to give them a direct pathway to long-term employment. This mission is achieved in a variety of ways, including teaching inmates how to roast (all of Redemption Roasters coffee is produced just North of London by up to five prison residents at HMP The Mount) and providing barista training (academies at HMPs High Down and Pentonville give learners the skills they need to become coffee masters). This unique model helps to reduce reoffending and gives ex-offenders a second chance, which is a big tick in our book. Redemption Roasters have come a long way since opening their first coffee shop in Holborn and now have multiple establishments dotted across the capital. A prestigious London coffee roaster, we’re delighted to welcome them to our London coffee subscription!


Coffee Roaster London

Sanctuary Coffee is a London coffee roaster with a clear purpose: to support rescue animals and sanctuaries through beautifully roasted coffee. Founders Marcus and Rhian had always been big animal lovers but after volunteering at Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare and learning more about the absence of government funding for rescued, abandoned and abused animals, they decided they wanted to do more to help…Sanctuary Coffee was born! Partnerships with seven sanctuaries have so far benefited over 3000 animals in the UK and Marcus and Rhian are only getting started. We can’t wait for you to try these fantastic London coffee beans that help support such a worthy cause.


Coffee Roaster London

PLOT Roasting |

PLOT roasting are a small team based in Woolwich, South London. Their goal is to bring premium coffees to as many people as possible and, leveraging long term relationships with top tier farmers to source a range of delicious single origins, they’re doing an excellent job of it! Valuing precision and taste over all else, PLOT’s London coffee beans are carefully roasted on a Loring S35 Kestrel. This offers unprecedented control and accuracy and has the lowest emissions of any roaster of its size (big green tick from us). We’re delighted to welcome PLOT to our London coffee subscription and look forward to sending subscribers their fantastic London coffee beans!


Coffee Roaster London

Wood St Coffee Roasters |

Wood St Coffee Roasters is the brainchild of coffee fanatics Clare and Gareth Reid. Having started life in 2014 as a small stall in Walthamstow’s Wood Street Indoor Market (hence the name!), the Wood St team moved to Blackhorse workshop and quickly grew into a fully-fledged café/roastery operation. They’ve been serving up specialty brews to London locals for years now and put their success down to several unwavering principles: coffee must be sustainably sourced, harvested responsibly, roasted with care and brewed with precision. They’re a top London roaster and we’re thrilled to be able to include them in our London coffee subscription.


Coffee Roaster London

Camden Coffee Roastery |

With 15 years of roasting speciality coffee under their belts, Camden Coffee Roastery team first opened its doors in 2021. This North London outfit place a huge emphasis on quality and use a traditional ‘slow roast artisan technique’ to ensure they extract the maximum taste and aromas from their coffee. The results speak for themselves and Camden have curated a range of delicious beans. There are several accessible operational areas at their roastery, including a shiny open-view roasting facility, a workshop for teaching and learning about coffee, a ‘Coffee Tasting Centrepiece Table’ for cupping and hand brewing experiences, and an electric cafe space with a range of delicious coffees to try out. We visited Camden Coffee Roastery earlier this year and were hugely impressed, so we’re thrilled to be able to include them in our London coffee club.


Coffee Roaster London

People say Italian coffee can never be considered speciality... Terrone & Co. beg to differ! Based in Tottenham, North London, they’ve been in the industry since 2012 and strive to combine traditional Italian coffee bar expertise with modern roasting techniques to curate a range of delicious, distinct coffee. Beans are roasted on 15kg Giesen W15 with the upmost care and craft dedicated to every batch. Born in Italy, raised in London, Terrone & Co. is a coffee roaster that won’t disappoint.


Coffee Roaster London

Ozone ​Coffee Roasters first opened the doors to their Shoreditch roastery and eatery in 2012. They’ve since established themselves as one of the best ​specialty roasters in London, with numerous stockists around the city and ​beyond, and a second roastery and eatery now open in London Fields. Ozone have a strong focus on sustainability: they’re committed to sourcing their coffee responsibly and have formed long-term, ​direct trade relationships with producers ​around the world. We can’t wait for you to try this fantastic London coffee roaster!


London coffee roaster

Carnival Coffee Roasters |

Hailing from Penge, South East London, Carnival Coffee Roasters are the latest outfit to join our London coffee club! Owners Jayne and Juan were inspired to start their business after backpacking around Central America and drinking a mind-blowing cup of coffee in Chiapas, Mexico. What followed was a sort of epiphany, with the pair gaining a new-found appreciation for the joy of good coffee and the magic of the beans. Now an established London coffee roaster, Carnival’s mission is to roast awesome speciality coffee that’s full of flavour and wonder. They love their London coffee beans and they want us to love them too, so a rigorous tasting programme ensures only the best coffee reaches our cup.


Coffee Roaster London

After being in the roasting game for over 15 years, 80 Stone Coffee know what they’re doing. Rather than waste time trying to achieve the vain “cool coffee guy” look, this unpretentious outfit instead focus on the important aspects of their trade: sourcing, roasting and creating some of the most deliciously crafted cups around. Produced in their roastery in Croydon, South London, their coffee doesn’t disappoint!


Coffee Roaster London

Based next to the railway arches in Hackney, Dark Arts Coffee are the antithesis of the clean-cut/well-groomed roaster stereotype. Instead, they’re inspired by motorbike culture and a love of the occult (some of their coffees include “Evil Eye”, “Road Rash” and “Life After Death”) They started their roasting journey back in 2014 and have since gone on to gain an enviable reputation in the London coffee scene. Dark Arts prioritise ethical sourcing and always make sure they can trace their coffee right back to the farm.


Coffee Roaster London

The Roasting Shed |

The Roasting Shed started roasting coffee in their garden shed because they love drinking and sharing great coffee. Their philosophy since the start has remained the same: uncompromising quality of product and exceptional customer satisfaction. From humble beginnings they’ve since moved to a new base near Finsbury Park, North London. They continue to source fully traceable coffees and roast in small batches to ensure the unique flavours are highlighted and enhanced.


Coffee Roaster London

Scotties was founded by Lou Scott in 2011, but her passion for coffee started back in New Zealand 10 years prior to that, where she owned a café and coffee roasting business. After moving back to London and finding it hard to get a great coffee, she set up her first coffee van outside the BBC in White City. Over the next few years Scotties grew to 4 coffee vans and 2 in-house cafes. Today, after making the decision to close the vans and cafe, to concentrate on roasting, you’ll either find her at the roaster trying out new blends, or on a motorbike somewhere in the world, hanging out at the coffee plantations, choosing the next batch of ethical beans for us all to try.


Coffee Roaster London

Press Coffee & Co |

With a roastery in Herne Hill and cafes in Chancery Lane and Fleet Street, Press Coffee & Co are a proper London outfit. They’ve been providing a growing band of Londoners with their daily coffee fix since 2013 and it’s easy to see why: a family owned business, they’re dedicated to offering high quality coffees that are ethically sourced and sustainably processed. For example, all of their packaging is fully recyclable, wholesale orders are generally dispatched in reusable coffee drums and delivered using a zero emissions vehicle, and employees are paid the London Living Wage. This ethos has given them a great standing in the London coffee scene and makes us proud to have them as part of our subscription. We can’t wait to send you their fantastic London coffee beans!


Coffee Roaster London

Beantale Coffee Roasters |

Beantale Coffee Roasters (formerly 39 Steps Coffee) started life in early 2018 with the aim of bringing high quality coffee, scrumptious food and excellent service to busy London workers. The workers approved! Beantale have gone from strength to strength and now run a Specialty Coffee Certified (SCA) roastery in Woolwich. Their focus is on quality and sustainability: coffee is cupped hundreds of times over to ensure consistency and is mostly sourced direct from origin (building relationships with farmers and ensuring traceability). And the name? Beantale view every coffee bean as a new chapter in a book. Each one carries its own unique tale of flavour, aroma and history. Rather than seeing coffee as just another drink, they view it as a form of storytelling and want to take us on the journey with them.


Coffee Roaster London

Balance Coffee |

Balance Coffee are one of the new generation of London Coffee Roasters… but they pack a punch! Founded in April 2020 by coffee expert James Bellis, Balance strive to introduce drinkers to naturally clean, speciality grade coffee that’s free from nasties such as Mould, Mycotoxins and Pesticides. Sustainability is also central to the Balance mission, with each purchase helping to support initiatives that plant trees and bring clean drinking water, sanitation and education to coffee growing communities. Since its inception, Balance Coffee has won awards including ‘Best Speciality Coffee Company 2021’ (SME London) and ‘Best Sustainable Coffee Roaster’ (Lux Life) – one to look forward to!


Coffee Roaster London

Volcano Coffee Works |

Volcano Coffee Works are an independent roaster from Brixton - proudly B Corp and Carbon Neutral certified and this rings true with all they do. Founder Kurt Stewart initially developed his unique appreciation of coffee in the early naughties while working for a roaster in Portobello Road, London. He was doing well but his ambition, talent and energy quickly got the better of him… it was time to set up his own coffee roasting business! After recommissioning a knackered roaster, converting a coffee cart and putting in a LOT of hard graft, Kurt started to make inroads in the London coffee scene. Fast forward to 2010 and, with the help of a few friends, Kurt took things to the next level and started Volcano Coffee Works. Now based in a state of the art roastery in Brixton, this outstanding London coffee roaster has curated an enviable selection of fantastic coffees. They pride themselves on using coffee as a force for good: environmental sustainability and ethical trading are at the heart of the Volcano Coffee Works ethos as they partner with producers committed to supporting community-based improvements. And Kurt? Still at the centre of things - he roasts the first batch of coffee every day!


So there you have it: the seventeen brilliant London coffee roasters that make up our London coffee subscription! We've got a few more in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled on our blog and socials :D

The Local Coffee Club London Coffee Roasters

PSST! New here? This might help...

- How does the subscription work? Each month, we send subscribers a bag of coffee beans (250g/500g/1kg) roasted by a different London coffee roaster. We rotate between the best coffee roasters London to make sure you're always getting top quality beans from a top quality outfit

- What makes you different to any other coffee subscription? We're unique in that we're the only local coffee subscription. We help coffee drinkers shop local and discover beans from different roasters near them. Forget Holby, Emmerdale and Walford - these beans were roasted by real people in real places near you

- Why did you start it? We wanted to create a unique coffee club that showcases local roasters and gives coffee drinkers a convenient platform to discover delicious coffee beans roasted near them. Find out more here

- I'm a coffee roaster in London - how do I get involved? We're always on the lookout for new London coffee roasters to help expand our subscription. Contact us here and we'll get back to you asap!


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