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The Best Coffee Roasters Bristol

Updated: Apr 22

What comes to mind when you think about Bristol and Bath? The vibrant culture, perhaps? Maybe it's the breathtaking landscapes that surround the urban sprawl? A big bridge and some hot springs? Whatever your thoughts, there's another scene that's been bubbling away under the surface for a while now: coffee! The South West is lucky to be home to some of the best coffee roasters in the UK, eighteen of which are now available to try in our convenient monthly coffee subscription! That's right - we've been working hard to piece together a dream team of local coffee roasters that represent the best of the South West. Read on to find out a bit more about them...

Coffee Roasters Bristol and Bath

South West coffee roaster

Colours Coffee is the recent creation of coffee maestro Ben Stokes. Ben mastered his craft under the tutelage of UK barista champion Maxwell Colonna (owner of legendary Bath coffee shop Colonna and Smalls), so he really knows his stuff! He’s been fully immersed in the world of coffee for the past 10 years and even took a trip out to Colombia to further enhance his knowledge by seeing some coffee farms for himself. Here’s a quote from the main man: “I'm so excited to put all of my passion and 10 years of knowledge, into something I can truly call my own, Colours Coffee. A roastery driven by the many exceptional coffees that are on offer to us as roasters, but also makes the world of speciality coffee more approachable, for all to enjoy.” Colours Coffee currently operate out of a space in the Flying Monk Brewery in Hullavington, near Chippenham. We’re stoked to be able to add them to our Bristol and Bath coffee subscription and look forward to featuring their beans one month soon!


Bristol Coffee Roaster

Wogan Coffee |

Wogan Coffee are one of the OG Bristol coffee roasters (they've been in the business since 1970!) Their roastery is in St Jude's in the city centre and they also have a shop/brew bar where they offer barista training. Wogan source and import specialty coffees from sustainable and ethical farms worldwide. Proper Bristol coffee beans.


Bristol Coffee Roaster

Radical Roasters Coffee |

Radical Roasters are fairly new to the coffee scene in Bristol… but they pack a punch! Having previously dedicated herself to helping others with their coffee ventures, founder Cat decided 2021 was the year to take a leap of faith and go it alone. She has an excellent grounding in the industry, with 10+ years of experience and 2x UK Barista Championship semi-final finishes under her belt. Operating out of a new premises in Easton, Radical Roasters make cracking Bristol coffee while also striving to give back to the local community. They offer free coffee workshops to marginalised folk and encourage anyone interested in learning more to get in touch!


Bath Coffee Roaster

Colonna Coffee |

Ever visited Colonna and Smalls coffee shop in Bath? If not, you should! Winner of the ‘Best Coffee Shop in Europe’ award in 2016, this highly regarded establishment belongs to Maxwell and Lesley - the founders of the latest roaster to join our Bristol and Bath subscription: Colonna Coffee! Colonna and Smalls first opened its doors in 2009 with the aim of showcasing exceptional coffees from around the world. The shop prospered and become a hub for innovation and an ever increasing number of coffee enthusiasts. Building on this success - and with the aim of taking more control over the sourcing and flavour profiling of their coffees - Colonna went on to launch their own roastery in 2015. They’ve since curated a range of fantastic single-origin coffees. We’re proud to be working with them and look forward to sending you some of their delicious locally roasted coffee beans!


Bristol Coffee Roaster

Extract Coffee Roasters |

Extract Coffee Roasters started life in a chicken shed way back in 2007. They’ve come a long way since! They’re now one of the most well renowned roasters in the UK and have won numerous accolades including Best All-Round Speciality Roaster at the UK Coffee Awards 2022. Operating out of St. Werburgh’s, Extract’s mission is simple: to make coffee better. Better for customers, better for communities, better for coffee growers and better for the environment. We can't wait for you to try this excellent Bristol coffee roaster.


Bristol Coffee Roaster

Boona Boona Coffee Roasters |

Boona Boona have grown from producing coffee in a garden shed to becoming one of the best, independent small batch Bristol coffee roasters. Founder Jon's goal is to get more people to enjoy great coffee while contributing something positive to society. He's succeeding: we love Boona Boona and their partnership with Avon Needs Trees is helping plant trees and re-wild local land.


Bath Coffee Roaster

Round Hill Roastery |

Based just outside Bath, Round Hill Roastery focus on producing bright and vibrant coffee. They started their journey close to the Kelston Round Hill and continue to take inspiration from the lush, grassy knoll that adorns the Bath skyline. When roasting coffee, Round Hill aim to highlight seasonality, the taste of the farm, the crop and the environment it was grown in. This approach has led them to produce a host of excellent flavours - one to look forward to!


Bristol Coffee Roaster

Triple Co Roast is the brainchild of local Bristol boy Jo Thompson. Founded in 2015, the mission was simple: to roast high quality coffee beans bought green via direct trade with farmers. By sticking to these principles, Triple Co Roast have flourished into one of the best ethical coffee roasters in the South West. Top quality coffee produced without cutting corners. We can't wait for you to try this fantastic Bristol coffee roaster.


Bath Coffee Roaster

Girls Who Grind Coffee |

In a male-dominated coffee supply chain, the role of women is often overlooked and undervalued. Fi and Casey thought this needed to change, so they founded Girls Who Grind Coffee: an all-female speciality coffee roastery. Based just outside Bath, Girls Who Grind Coffee aim to celebrate and empower women in the coffee industry. They source all of their beans from change making female producers and strive to share their stories. We love their recognition of (and battle against!) inequality in the coffee industry and can’t wait for you to try their delicious locally roasted coffee beans.


Bath Coffee Roaster

Loud Mouth Coffee |

Loud Mouth Coffee came to fruition in 2018 after founder Ellen, who also started Frome’s River House cafe, realised many coffee lovers were after a more straightforward shopping and drinking experience. Instead of confusing customers with pretentious gibberish and complex technical jargon, they prefer to focus on taste (proper gobby coffee without the nobby nonsense!) Working from their roastery in Frome, Loud Mouth offer a range of delicious coffees and supply shops, cafes and companies across the South West. They also aim to use their platform to make a positive impact on society (e.g. by donating proceeds to counselling and talking charities). All round good eggs!


Bristol Coffee Roaster

Odd Kin are one of the new kids on the block. Operating out of Hengrove in South Bristol, this small team of coffee aficionados started their roasting journey in 2020. Since then, they've gone on to curate a range of some of the best Bristol coffee beans around. Odd Kin further enhance their credentials by always striving to produce ethical roasts (e.g. by only working with green importers who pay farmers a fair wage). A Bristol Coffee Roaster on the up!


Bristol Coffee Roaster

Clifton Coffee Roasters |

Clifton Coffee Company came into fruition in 2001, with James and Ed spending their early years servicing espresso machines in independent businesses around Bristol. They soon realised their talents could be utilised in other ways, so they turned their attention to wholesaling, barista training and to roasting their own beans in 2013. Clifton Coffee haven't looked back since; they're now one of the top Bristol coffee roasters with a wide selection of excellent beans.


Bristol Coffee Roaster

Bristol Twenty Tea & Coffee Co. |

Bristol Twenty made the leap to roasting their own coffee in 2014. Since then, they've grown into one of the star Bristol coffee roasters. With over 60 years of collective industry experience, they know their stuff. Expect high quality, well thought-out coffee with sustainability at the heart of the sourcing to roasting process.


Bristol Coffee Roaster

Unica Coffee |

Unica are one of the new generation of Bristol coffee roasters. Having developed their love and understanding of coffee over the past decade, 2021 was the year they finally took the plunge and started their roasting journey. Unica’s goal is to provide unique speciality coffee without taking themselves too seriously. Roasting out of their base in Zero Green, Southville, they’re committed to making great coffee without compromising on sustainability. We recently tried some of their beans and were seriously impressed!


Bristol Coffee Roaster

Blind Owl Coffee Co. |

Blind Owl encapsulate the local business vibe. Operating out of an old pottery shop in St Phillips, Robyn, Jem and Vlad roast in small batches and to order, ensuring their coffee is always fresh and delicious. Producing some of the best flavours we've tried, Blind Owl is a Bristol coffee roaster that will not disappoint.


Bristol Coffee Roaster

Lost Horizon Coffee |

Lost Horizon Coffee is the perfect example of a local Bristol coffee roaster. Founder Kit started this micro-batch, specialty roastery whilst working as an engineer many moons ago. Since then, he's developed some fantastic, eco-friendly coffee that's certain to get your tastebuds tingling. Sustainability is hugely important to Lost Horizon, so much so that all coffee is carbon offset TWICE. Where possible, Kit even delivers his products to customers on his push bike. Local hero or what.


Bristol coffee roaster

Dino's Coffee |

The latest Bristol coffee roaster to join our Bristol coffee subscription is Dino's! Having started as a hobby, Dino’s has always been about sharing the coffee that excites owners Alex and Lawrence with their community. By having a limited offering, three coffees at three price points, they can take a far more focussed and considered approach to buying. With the help of friends at Radical Roasters and Raw Material, they've recently set up a lovely space in Easton within which to roast. Both Alex and Laurence have different backgrounds in marketing and coffee which combine to make their fantastic new roastery. We can't wait to send you some of their excellent Bristol coffee beans.


Bristol coffee roaster

Full Court Press Coffee |

Bristol coffee roaster Full Court Press were one of the first speciality coffee shops in town (check out our review here!) Their name refers to a basketball tactic: an uncompromising, all out approach that reflects their commitment to their values. FCP's focus has always been on exceptional quality, honesty and accessibility, and they aim to serve a constantly changing, varied menu in an approachable way. While they've been in the business for ~10 years in total, they started roasting their own Bristol coffee beans in 2020. They've since developed a varied offering of fantastic single origin, speciality coffee that's constantly changing - we can't wait to send some of their beans out to subscribers!


So there you have it: eighteen of the best coffee roasters in and around Bristol and Bath, all available in one place. We're going to be adding a few new roasters in the coming months so keep your eyes peeled on our socials.

The Local Coffee Club Bristol Coffee Roasters

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- How does the subscription work? Each month, we send subscribers a bag of coffee beans (250g/500g/1kg) roasted by different Bristol coffee roasters. We rotate between the best coffee roasters in Bristol and Bath to make sure you're always getting top quality beans from a top quality outfit

- What makes you different to any other coffee subscription? We're unique in that we're the only local coffee subscription. We help coffee drinkers shop local and discover beans from different roasters near them. Forget Holby, Emmerdale and Walford - these beans were roasted by real people in real places near you

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