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The Best Coffee Roasters Scotland

Updated: Jan 25

New subscription alert! We've partnered with eighteen of the best coffee roasters Scotland to bring our coffee subscription North of the border! So, if you want to discover different Edinburgh coffee roasters, Glasgow coffee roasters, Highlands coffee roasters... you get the picture - we've got you covered! Sign up here and start receiving monthly deliveries of the best coffee beans from the best Scotland coffee roasters. Here's a bit more about them..

Edinburgh coffee roaster

Cult Coffee Roasters |

Edinburgh coffee roaster Cult were established in 2014 as a café in a converted vennel. If you’re not sure what a vennel is - we weren’t either, don’t worry - it’s a passageway between the gables of two buildings which can in effect be a minor street in Scotland… You learn something new every day! Anyway, Cult started out by serving Edinburgh’s coffee lovers brews from their favourite roasters from around the globe. Fast forward a few years and they made the decision to scratch an itch and dive into the world of roasting themselves. We’re glad they did! They now source some of the highest quality beans going to create delicious brews for coffee lovers across the capital and beyond. Be sure to visit their café at 104 Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh, if you’re ever in the area!


Glasgow coffee roaster

Papercup Coffee Roasters |

Glasgow coffee roaster Papercup are one of the OG Scotland roasters. Founded in 2012, their motto is to love what you do but try not to be too serious about it. This is something that resonates with us so we’re delighted to welcome them to our Scotland coffee subscription. Operating out of Glasgow’s West End, Papercup are committed to sourcing ethically and environmentally sound coffee beans and strive to push the boundaries of what great quality can be. They serve up delicious speciality brews and offer barista courses for those looking to up their coffee game. Be sure to check them out if you’re ever in the area!


Edinburgh coffee roaster

Artisan Roast Coffee Roasters |

Founded in 2007, Edinburgh coffee roaster Artisan hold the enviable title of being the first specialty roaster in Scotland! They’ve led the way for well over a decade and have numerous accolades to show for it, including the first ever Glennfiddich Spirit of Scotland award in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the Scottish food scene.This longevity has allowed Artisan to foster strong bonds with fantastic coffee producers around the world. Such relationships are important to Artisan who always strive to ensure farmers receive fair payments for their coffee so they can continue to grow game changing beans. Sustainability is key to their mission and they’ve partnered with Circular Coffee Scotland to help find ways to eliminate coffee waste across the country. Artisan see great coffee as more than just a drink – it’s an experience that brings people together and inspires new adventures. We can’t wait to send out some of their fantastic Scotland coffee beans!


Edinburgh coffee roaster

Spaceboy Coffee |

Edinburgh coffee roaster Spaceboy was founded by award-winning roaster Finn Mclean. With 8 years of experience working at some of the most well-renowned roasteries in the UK under his belt, Finn certainly knew his stuff before getting stared! He now roasts his own Scotland coffee beans using a hand made (!) roasting machine that he built over the course of two years. The machine gives Spaceboy a level of roasting flexibility unmatched by many commercial machines and allows them to fine tune a variety of parameters to tease out their coffee’s delicious flavours. They work with leading green importers to source high quality beans and test dozens of samples to ensure they only serve up the very best tasting coffee. One of the newer Scotland coffee roasters in town, we’re delighted to be able to showcase their beans as part of our subscription.


Edinburgh coffee roaster

Machina Coffee |

Edinburgh coffee roaster Machina have been in the business since 2013. Their story is one of coffee and music, with a shared desire to find a new creative challenge leading friends Michael (barista and lifelong coffee enthusiast) and Steve (ex DJ and A&R manager) to take a leap of faith and set up the company. Having extensively researched different coffee scenes around the world, the pair realised that coffee drinkers were really looking for two things: 1) coffee equipment offered by people who actually know what they’re talking about, and 2) less snootiness and a more grounded approach to service. These values help Machina strip away the barriers to coffee and ensure everyone is able to access, prepare and enjoy great quality brews. This is something we can relate to at The Local Coffee Club and in our option makes Machina one of the best coffee roasters Scotland.


Scotland coffee roaster

Steampunk Coffee Roasters |

Steampunk’s name comes from a literary genre which imagines a world powered by retro-futuristic Victorian machinery (think goggles, steam valves, gears and top hats!) The ethos (if not the hats) felt relatable for this Scottish coffee roaster after they spent their early years slinging speciality shots from a ramshackle, repurposed VW van called Mavis. They had a constant need to repair and reuse in order to keep Mavis running, and have taken this ethos with them into their old industrial warehouse from where they continue to roast some of the finest coffees in Scotland. Perfectly imperfect, Steampunk are focused on quality, ethics and community and roast single origin, fully traceable speciality beans from their East Lothian HQ. We love their attitude in what can often be a depressingly single use world and look forward to welcoming them to our Scotland coffee subscription.


Scotland Coffee Roaster

Glen Lyon Coffee Roasters |

Glen Lyon are a speciality coffee roaster based in the beautiful Scottish highlands. They started life in 2011 when founder Fiona Grant began roasting coffee from the bothy next to her house using a 5kg machine. The coffee went down a treat and in 2014 Fiona made the decision to move to a bigger unit in Aberfeldy. She hasn’t looked back since! Fast forward about a decade and Glen Lyon are still there (albeit with ten staff and some much larger roasters!) Now established as one of the best Scotland coffee roasters around, they’re a certified B Corporation - i.e. a company that meets high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability - and work hard to source and roast some of the world’s finest coffee for our enjoyment. Glen Lyon really care about the quality of their coffee, with all beans ethically sourced, 100% traceable and scoring a minimum of 85/100 on an international flavour scale. They’re a friendly bunch with a great moral compass and we’re delighted to be able to include them in our Scotland coffee subscription.


Scotland coffee roaster

Unorthodox Roasters started life in 2015 with a 10.5 month trip of discovery around Central and South America. The team visited all the major coffee producing countries and took home some key information that helped with the set up of their Kinross coffee roastery. From roasting green coffee in Brazil to tasting different brews with a cooperative in Nicaragua, Unorthodox learned a huge amount. We’re glad they did. Their coffee tastes fantastic and we’re delighted to be able to feature them in our Scotland coffee subscription. Be sure to check out their Kinross and Stirling cafes if you’re ever in the area!


Scotland coffee roaster

Inverness Coffee Roasting Co |

Inverness Coffee Roasting Co have been supplying the people of Scotland with delicious brews since 2019. They eat, sleep and breathe coffee and, under the supervision of their resident “Coffee Baron” (otherwise known as Kev!), the team roast a host of delicious blends and single origins from their base in the Highlands. They’re good at what they do and they also offer a range of additional services including barista training and are distributers for La Spaziale and Iberital espresso machines. We’re pleased to welcome them to our Scotland subscription and look forward to sending out some of their fantastic ethically sourced Scotland coffee beans.


Edinburgh coffee roaster

Edinburgh coffee roaster Fortitude started life in 2014 when owners Matt and Helen decided to open a small specialty café in the city centre. In the early days, they hand-picked their favourite coffees from roasters across the UK and Europe to serve up to Edinburgh’s coffee lovers. However, Fortitude quickly realised they wanted to have greater control over the quality and flavours of their coffee and so began roasting their own beans in 2016. This process was a steep learning curve and began with a lot of trial and error but fast forward seven years and they’ve got rather good at it! Small batches of delicious Scotland coffee beans are now roasted using a 12kg Diedrich from their base down on Edinburgh’s shore. We’re delighted to be able to feature Fortitude’s delicious single origin beans in our Scotland coffee subscription. Be sure to check out their Abbey Mount, Stockbridge or Newington cafés if you’re in need of a caffeine hit!


Glasgow coffee roaster

Thomson's Coffee Roasters |

Thomson’s Coffee Roasters started life in 1841 (yep - you read that right!) Steeped in history, they predate the car, phone and electric lightbulb and have a wealth of experience to draw on. However, this Glasgow coffee roaster isn’t stuck in the past. They now use a super energy efficient and environmentally friendly Loring roaster to produce a range of 20+ coffees, ensuring they have beans that cater for all tastes. They’re laser focused on quality and integrity and have a tight knit team that excel at everything from roasting coffee to supporting customers. An independently-owned Scottish family business, Thomsons is a Scotland coffee roaster that we’re proud to be working with.


Argyll Coffee Roasters |

Argyll Coffee Roasters was founded by coffee fanatic Eve MacFarlane back in 2018. They love coffee and focus on sourcing the finest beans from around the world before roasting them on their Deidrich IR-12. They’re doing a great job of it! Argyll Coffee Roasters have been growing steadily and now run a coffee bar at the Hayshed Gallery. They also recently won a Great Taste award with their “Clyde Steamer” coffee. We’ve been particularly impressed by their focus on quality and their social conscience and environmental awareness. Membership of the Speciality Coffee Association and the Coffee Roasters Guild also ensures they’re always on top of the latest coffee research, science and education. We’re looking forward to featuring their Scotland coffee beans!


Glasgow coffee roaster

Dear Green Coffee Roasters |

Dear Green Coffee Roasters is a Glasgow-based speciality coffee roaster and B Corporation, committed to ethical sourcing and roasting high-quality, sustainable coffee. Founded by Lisa Lawson in 2011, they've won numerous awards and are well respected in the UK coffee industry. Dear Green are committed to reducing their emissions to Net Zero by 2030 and want to become a circular business as part of Glasgow’s reduction targets. To reach this ambitious target they seek to work with suppliers that aim to report their own emissions and demonstrate reduction goals and to support customers on their journey to sustainability. Since achieving B Corporation status in 2020, they've worked year on year to improve their B Corp Score, putting people & planet at the forefront of everything they do. Dear Green are an awesome speciality roaster and we’re delighted to be able to feature them in our Scotland coffee subscription.


Edinburgh coffee roaster

Cairngorm Coffee Roasters |

Scotland coffee roaster Cairngorm started life in 2014. Founder Robi Lambie had spent many of his early years growing up around his Dad’s cafe and decided this was the time to forge his own path. So, sat around a kitchen table in Newtonmore in the Cairngorms National Park, he took the plunge and went for it! The goal was simple: make the best coffee possible without alienating people. It worked. Fast forward 9 years and Cairngorm have thrived. Roasting out of their base in Edinburgh, they now operate several shops across the capital and have become an integral part of Scotland’s coffee community. Quality and fairness are at the heart of everything Cairngorm do: a high tech, data driven approach to roasting complements their team’s experience while a golden rule of ‘treating others as we’d like to be treated’ underlies their business practices. Scottish born and roasted, Cairngorm will not disappoint!


Scotland coffee roaster

Scotland coffee roaster Common started out in 2018 with a mission to peel back unnecessary coffee jargon, showcase flavour and colour, and to do some good along the way. They’re achieving it. Working from their HQ at Rosemains in Pathhead, Midlothian, the Common team have worked hard to develop six stunning, flavour-led roasts: Bold, Strong, Sweet, Bright, Complex and Decaf. All coffee is roasted on a 12kg electric Probat machine rather than a gas equivalent. Common believe that making the switch from gas to electric is an important step to ensuring longevity in the coffee industry. It also facilitates a more consistent roast, meaning they can deliver brilliant flavours again and again. We love their colourful packaging and their ethos of making good coffee more simple. One to look forward to!


Scotland coffee roaster

Roaring Stag Coffee Roasters |

Based in Royal Deeside in the heart of the Cairngorm Mountains, Scotland coffee roaster Roaring Stag were established in 2015 by Chris and Moira. They've since had a change of ownership with coffee loving Army veteran Ruaridh now at the helm. Roaring Stag roast ethically sourced Scotland coffee beans on a regular basis to ensure optimal freshness and taste, with fully recyclable packaging helping to reduce unnecessary waste. We love their logo and packaging and think they make a fantastic addition to our Scotland coffee subscription.


Scotland coffee roaster

The Roasting Project |

The Roasting Project are a small batch Scottish speciality coffee roastery situated in Burntisland, Fife. The three founding members are Gary Cunningham and brothers Mark and Gary Braid, who have been roasting great tasting, fresh, seasonal coffee with individuality since 2018. Their bright and stylish coffee house serves up some fantastic food and drink and is well worth a visit if you're ever in the area. Their Scottish coffee beans are roasted on a Diedrich 5kg roaster situated in the heart of the coffee house (if you're keen on learning more, be sure to visit and check out their Head Roaster, Clare, in action!)


So there you have it - eighteen of the best coffee roasters Scotland, all available to try in one place! Keep an eye on our socials as we'll be announcing some additional Scotland coffee roasters in the coming months.

local coffee roasters

PSST! New here? This might help...

- How does the subscription work? Each month, we send subscribers a bag of coffee beans (250g/500g/1kg) roasted by a different Scotland coffee roaster. We rotate between the best coffee roasters Scotland to make sure you're always getting the best beans from the best people!

- What makes you different to any other coffee subscription? We're unique in that we're the only local coffee subscription. We help coffee drinkers shop local and discover beans from different roasters near them. Forget Holby, Emmerdale and Walford - these beans were roasted by real people in real places near you

- Why did you start it? We wanted to create a unique subscription that showcases local roasters and gives coffee drinkers a convenient platform to discover delicious beans that have been roasted nearby. Find out more here

- I'm a Scotland coffee roaster - how do I get involved? We're constantly looking to add new Scotland coffee roasters to help create an even bigger and better subscription. Contact us here if you'd like to get involved!


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