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The Local Coffee Scene: Littleshop & Pantry

We decided to review the Littleshop & Pantry after its recent expansion into an adjoining shop (formerly Westbury Inks). Set on the Henleaze/Westbury Park border, this welcoming cafe first opened in peak lockdown 2020 and has proven to be a big hit with the locals ever since. The owners of renowned Westbury Park restaurant Little French are behind it, meaning you can be sure the food is some of the best around. We’ve eaten lunch here a few times now and never left disappointed.

We visited shortly after the expansion was completed to see how the updated version stacked up against its former self. After entering through the new main entrance to the right of the original shop, we were directed to the cafe counter by a friendly shop assistant. From there, we ordered a cappuccino from the barista, sat down and started to take in our surroundings.

The new shop area feels warm and bright. It stocks a selection of freshly baked loaves, sweet treats, condiments, drinks and a small selection of homewares. A large assortment of wines and spirits occupy a separate room to the rear of the shop, while the original shop floor is now filled with rustic wooden seating.

The expansion has really benefitted the Littleshop & Pantry. They’ve done a brilliant job in creating extra space while retaining the same cosy charm that first made it popular. Our coffee was spot on and we know how good the food is from previous experience. Go visit!


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