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Update: South Wales coffee roaster #10 - Coaltown coffee!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

We've added one of the best Welsh coffee roasters in the country to our South Wales coffee subscription: Coaltown coffee!

Coffee roaster Wales Coaltown coffee logo

We can't wait to send out beans from this renowned Wales coffee roaster. Here's some more info about them:

Coaltown coffee are based in the former coal mining town of Ammanford, South Wales. Once famed for its heavy industry and extraction of anthracite coal (“black gold”), the town fell into decline when the last of its collieries closed in the early 2000s. Coaltown founder Scott James took inspiration from his town’s industrial heritage and decided to bring a new form of black gold to the area – coffee! Their fresh, ethically sourced beans impressed and they now supply a range of shops and cafes in Wales and beyond. In 2019, Coaltown became the first B corp certified coffee roaster in Wales, demonstrating their commitment to high social and environmental standards. They’re good eggs and they roast delicious coffee. One of the best Welsh coffee roasters around, we’re delighted to have them as part of our South Wales coffee subscription - Coaltown’s black gold will not disappoint!

That brings the total number of Wales coffee roasters in our South Wales coffee subscription to ten! See the full lineup below:

Wales coffee roaster logos

PSSST! New here? Want to find out more about our subscription or coffee roasters in Wales? This might help:

- How does the subscription work? Each month, we send subscribers a bag of coffee beans (250g/500g/1kg) roasted by a different South Wales coffee roaster. We rotate between the best coffee roasters in Wales to make sure you're always getting top quality beans from a top quality outfit

- What makes you different to any other coffee subscription? We're unique in that we're the only local coffee subscription. We help coffee drinkers shop local and discover beans from different roasters near them. Forget Holby, Emmerdale and Walford - these beans were roasted by real people in real places near you

- Why did you start it? We wanted to create a platform that coffee drinkers could use to discover a variety of delicious, locally roasted beans while helping to support smaller, independent businesses. Find out more here.

- I'm a coffee roaster in Wales - how do I get involved? We're always on the lookout for new Wales coffee roasters to help expand our subscription. Contact us here and we'll get back to you asap!


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