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Ere, what’s this Bristol coffee subscription all about?

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Are you tired of drinking stale supermarket coffee? Do you want to support local business in Bristol? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our Bristol coffee subscription gives you the opportunity to discover beans from some of the best coffee roasters in town.

Let us level with you: here at The Local Coffee Club, we haven’t always been too selective about where we get our next caffeine hit. We used to fall into the ‘this’ll do’ camp where we’d chuck a big jar of instant coffee into our supermarket trolley without really thinking too much about it. We’d get home, stick the kettle on and about 30 seconds later find ourselves tucking into another unfulfilling mug of jitter juice. Dear Lord, what a sad little life.

However, this has all changed! (Obviously… starting a Bristol coffee subscription and all that…)

“How?!” “Why!?” We hear you cry. Well, we’d love to say we travelled to Ethiopia, got lost, chanced upon a local coffee farm, turned our life around, got a coffee bean tattoo, etc. etc. But no, sadly it’s not as romantic as that…

We were given a coffee machine. For Christmas. Yep, that’s it.

“Great” we thought to ourselves, “more junk to try to fit in the kitchen.” (At this point, The Local Coffee Club and our Bristol coffee subscription couldn’t have been any further away.)

As well as the coffee machine, we were also the ungrateful recipients of a bag of coffee beans. “Beans. So I have to grind them?”

What followed was some very basic Q&A with our kind gift giver. Luckily, it turned out the machine was a bean to cup. This satisfied our laziness and the next morning we tried out our alien new machine.

WOW! What a difference! We hadn’t tasted coffee like this other than in fancy cafes and we always thought their baristas could only make it so delicious because they were lifelong devotees... Not so!

Inspired, we started sampling more and more different bags of coffee beans. We tried Ethiopian coffee, Colombian coffee, Guatemalan coffee, Vietnamese coffee …you get the idea. Basically, we drank a lot of coffee. We also tried different brewing methods: stovetop moka pots, AeroPress, French press, etc. All in all, we became fanatics.

Fast forward a few years: the pandemic had hit, we were in peak lockdown (Tiger King, anyone?), supermarkets and massive online retailers were dominating like never before and local businesses were struggling. “What can we do to help?”, we thought.

Armed with a love of coffee, a decent knowledge of local roasters and a HUGE amount of free time, we decided to set up The Local Coffee Club and our Bristol Coffee Subscription.

We’ve teamed up with a range of talented local roasters that really value the quality of their beans. By signing up to our Bristol coffee subscription, you’ll get to try a variety of coffee beans roasted in and around the city while helping support smaller businesses. This maintains local jobs and adds to the culture and diversity that makes Bristol great.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to our Bristol coffee subscription today!


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