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Bristol coffee beans + FREE Zoe Spry greetings card!

Anyone following us on social media (@thelocalcoffeeclub) will have seen we’ve been promoting our new partnership with local artist Zoe Spry (@zoesprydesign). For those of you that don’t follow us - we’re not angry, just disappointed - we now offer the option to add a personalised card when you purchase our Bristol coffee beans as part of a gift subscription!

The Local Coffee Club and Zoe Spry collaboration

We’ll write down your message, send the card to your recipient in time for the big day (be that their Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas… any occasion really!) and then start their 3- or 6-month subscription of Bristol coffee beans from the beginning of the following month.

Zoe Spry greetings cards

Here’s our Q&A with Zoe!

Tell us a little about yourself

Hello! I’m Zoe - an illustrator and greetings card designer based in Bristol. I grew up on a little farm on the edge of Dartmoor and made the move here about five years ago. I’ve got a fluffy little ginger cat called Elton (bit of an Elton John fan…) and love binge watching reality TV - not even ashamed! I love city life but still need my countryside fix so can be found exploring the Cotswolds and Mendips most weekends.

How long have you been designing cards for?

1.5 years full time - I used to work as a children’s book designer and made cards in my spare time but I was made redundant during the pandemic and didn’t really know what else to do, so I took the plunge and went for it!

How’s it going?

I’m loving it! Starting a small business is so difficult but I’ve learnt a lot and made breakthroughs like getting some of my cards in Scribbler and Paperchase, so I must be doing something right!

How do you come up with your designs?

I try to stay on top of trends and current affairs. I’m all about positivity and try to promote a positive message even if the world isn’t all that wonderful at times.

What are your plans for the coming year?

Weddings! Loads of my friends had their weddings postponed last year so it’s catch up time! I’m also hoping to move house and squeeze a long-overdue holiday in… It could be a busy summer!

What’s your favourite coffee?

I like black coffee! I might have a cheeky cappuccino here and there but usually keep it simple. There are some incredible Bristol coffee roasters out there so there’s plenty of choice!

Thanks Zoe!

Check out Zoe’s website here:


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