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What to do with your used coffee grounds!

Let us set the scene: you’ve signed up to our Bristol coffee subscription, received your latest delivery of delicious Bristol coffee beans and made the perfect cup. However, you’ve now got some leftover coffee grounds...

You walk over to your recycling bin and lift the lid. A small pile of browny-black coffee clumps is already staring back at you. Once delicious, fragrant Bristol coffee beans now a shadow of their former glory. “Is there anything else these could be used for?” you wonder to yourself as you tap the latest leftovers into their green plastic coffin.

Do you want the good news or the bad news? The good news? There are other potential uses for them! The bad news: you can’t really use them again to make more coffee (unless you’re not too fussed about the taste - trust us, we’ve tried!) Read on for three of our recommendations:


One good use of the remnants of your Bristol coffee beans is to spruce up your garden or houseplants. Spread used coffee grounds around your plants, water and watch as their nutrients are absorbed into the soil. An additional benefit of this is that the acid in the grounds acts as a deterrent for slugs and ants. Your gran would be proud!


Coffee grounds help remove bad odours (e.g. from your fingers after cooking). Rinse your hands, rub a good pinch of old grounds into your fingers and watch (smell?) as the stench disappears. Dried out coffee grounds can also be used as air fresheners - just leave them in an open jar in any room with an unpleasant smell.


We bet you didn’t think your Bristol coffee beans could also impact your skincare regimen when you signed up to our Bristol coffee subscription, did you? Well, we learn something new every day! Coffee grounds have been found to have antioxidant properties, meaning if you apply them to the skin they can help improve blood flow (aiding overall skin health) and protect from sun damage. To create a simple coffee body scrub, simply mix dried coffee grounds with coconut oil.

So there you have it: how you can put the remains of your Bristol coffee beans to good use!


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