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What do you need to start enjoying your Bristol coffee subscription? Spoiler alert: not much!

We've teamed up with various Bristol coffee roasters to offer our Bristol coffee subscription. We only offer coffee beans (more on why that is here), but it's actually really easy to grind them up and make your perfect brew. There are two types of coffee grinder: manual and electric.

Hario Skerton manual coffee grinder

Manual grinders basically look like fancy pepper grinders and work using good old elbow grease. They have a turning handle that's attached to a rod within the grinder. This rod is attached to a set of burrs (generally ceramic or steel). When the handle is turned the rod rotates, causing the burrs to grind your coffee beans as they fall between them. A small dial can be used to narrow or widen the gap between the burrs (righty tighty, lefty loosey), allowing you to adjust the fineness of your grind to suit your preferred brewing method. Manual grinders are generally fairly cheap (~£10-25), making them a great starting point if you want to discover Bristol coffee roasters with our Bristol coffee subscription. Hario is a reliable brand that you shouldn't go too far wrong with, though you will need to be prepared to put some effort in!

De'Longhi KG79 electric coffee bean grinder

Electric grinders are a physically easier and less time consuming option, but they also tend to cost a bit more (there's always a catch!) We've sampled a few of these at The Local Coffee Club and would recommend either a De'Longhi KG79 or Krupps GVX231 burr grinder (both ~£40). While there are plenty of different options out there, these are two more affordable models that we've personally tried and have been impressed by. You load your beans into the hopper at the top, select the grind fineness and amount of coffee you want (number of cups), press a button and hey presto: freshly ground coffee!

You've signed up to our Bristol coffee subscription, received your first bag of coffee beans from one of our amazing Bristol coffee roasters and ground them up... so now what? It's time to put them to work and make some coffee! There are loads of different ways to make good coffee but we recommend a classic, easy option: a stovetop Moka pot. Bialetti is a good make and you can pick one up for ~£20.

Bialetti Moka pot stovetop coffee maker

Here's how it works: start by unscrewing the base of the Moka pot and filling it with cold water (some people will say you should use hot or boiling water but Bialetti say it should be cold!) There's a small safety valve indicating the maximum amount of water that should be added (usually about 3/4 of the way up). Next, add your ground coffee to the funnel. You can give it a little shake or run your finger over the top of it to distribute it evenly, but don't push it down or try to compact it. Insert the funnel into the base and then screw the top of the Moka pot back on so that it's finger tight. Place the Moka pot on your stove on a low-medium heat and wait. Soon enough, you'll hear a bubbling, hissing sound; this means your coffee is ready. All that's left to do now is to pour it into your mug and see what our Bristol coffee roasters have to offer!

Creamy latte in blue mug made from beans roasted by Bristol coffee roasters

Want an even easier way to enjoy your Bristol coffee subscription? Buy a bean to cup coffee machine! This does the grinding and brewing for you, meaning you can enjoy a delicious coffee with the simple press of a button. There are a lot of models out there but we'd recommend De'Longhi as a good place to start (e.g. the Caffe Corso).

So there you have it: easy ways to start enjoying your Bristol coffee subscription and sampling the work of our brilliant Bristol coffee roasters. We hope this was useful but if you have any questions or want to learn more just leave us a comment or get in touch here.


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